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Training and Guidance To Improve

Your Jazz Singing Skills

 ■ Singing Jazz In English  

Richard's View

アメリカでプロジャズベーシストとして活躍しジャズ歴50年 & 日本では翻訳家として日々言葉と向き合うRichardが、その知識と経験をもとに、ジャズボーカルを目指すノンネイティブの方に向けて「音楽<Jazz>」と「言葉 <English>」についてシリーズでお伝えします。ぜひ、参考にしてください。

Singing Jazz

In English




Playing jazz requires an understanding of the music and its characteristics.

How you think about and approach jazz play very important roles in expressing the music well.

The same applies to jazz vocals.

Singing jazz well, requires an understanding of the music's unique characteristics, and for this, singers should possess the knowledge and skills compatible with the level they are singing at. For that, it is important to have a sense of purpose in regard to what you are doing.

What I often hear, however, is "I want to improve my singing, but I don't know what to do..."

Why is it that so many people feel this way?

Compared to instrumentalists, vocalists in Japan seem to have a much harder time understanding the process to improving, and finding the right "path" and methods to singing jazz.

"Singing Jazz In English" is meant as a guide where I can share the knowledge and skills I gained as a jazz musician and as a translator. What you do at the first stage has a great influence on your progress, so first, you need to know what knowledge and skills are required to sing jazz, and how you should think about jazz. and also for non-native singers, how to deal with the language in the lyric when singing.  

The "Singing Jazz In English" series starts with what non-native singers should know about lyrics when singing jazz.

Working With Lyrics

Lyrics are undoubtably important to the jazz vocalist. And how you go about capturing the lyric and making it your own is a very important process.

The first step in approaching the lyric is reading the "English" in the lyric. For non-native singers, what you do at this point has a great influence on your growth as a jazz vocalist.


In jazz, the lyric's English is closely related to the song's melody and rhythm, so how you approach it at this stage will directly affect your performance. Let me explain why.

→ The following points are especially important for those who are serious about singing jazz.

1. Rhythm in the Language... continue reading (English)









そこで『Singing Jazz In English』がそうした良きガイドとなるよう、私のこれまでの知識と経験をもとに、特にジャズボーカルの上達を左右する最初の段階での「考え方や必要な知識&スキルについて」また「ノンネイティブの方が英語で歌う場合のことば (英語) について」お伝えしたいと思います。












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