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Duology was formed in the fall of 2017 by Japanese vocalist Chihiro and American bassist Richard Anderson. Their arrangements center on distinct bass lines that set the mood and pulse for each piece with rich with harmonic and rhythmic content. Captivating vocals immerse the listener into the story with melodies that drift along smoothly with great lyrical flow. The use of loopers and effects, plus an intuitive musical rapport, allows the two to reinterpret jazz standards in ways hard to imagine considering the limits of their instrumentation.

More Than Two




二人により2017年秋結成した "duology"







2021年アメリカで制作したCD "Standards Reimagined" は、



世界的に活躍する David Torn氏が参加


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Originally from Oregon, Richard started out on piano about age 5 moving to the violin at 9, upright bass at 12, tuba and electric bass at 13. Leaving the violin behind, he went on to study music and began playing in the Portland area from the late 1970s to the mid 80’s.

“In college, I was fortunate to have had teachers that were also working musicians, so they taught from both academic and practical experience—in other words, what you need to know to play your instrument, and what you need to know to make music as a group. They introduced to work opportunities, which turned the bandstand into an advanced course classroom where I could confirm and put to use what I learned in the daytime, gain valuable real-world playing experience, and learn further under some of the best musicians in the Northwest."

Those opportunities led to working with artists such as Rosemary Clooney, Helen O’Connell, Diane Schurr, Nancy King, Debbie Reynolds, Rose Marie, Frankie Laine, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Pat Boone, and more.

Moving to Japan in 1986, Richard has played with artists such as Martha Miyake, Hara Nobuo, Teramasa Hino, Chika Ohashi, Sera Yuzuru and more. He remains active playing, writing, and arranging with his own groups and and backing other artists.


5歳から高校までピアノ、その間 小学生でのビートルズにはじまり、ポップスやロック、プログレ、フュージョンなど様々な音楽ジャンルに興味をもち成長。学生時代は英語を専攻、音楽活動でバンドでキーボードとボーカルを担当。卒業後、音楽講師としてピアノ、また演奏のため電子鍵盤を始める。それがきっかけとなりジャズと出会い、ジャズピアノ & ほぼ同時期よりジャズボーカル&ボイストレーニングを受け始める。ピアノ弾き語りとして数年活動後、声 (歌) での表現により魅力を感じ、以降ボーカリストとして活動。


Available on Bandcamp

​Standards Reimagined

duology's first release is a self-produced ep with special guest David Torn on guitars
​available for purchase on Bandcamp at​


Our original idea for this CD was to record in the U.S. in 2020. As with so many other things, COVID-19 put an end to that plan, so we decided to do the recording on our own in Japan, then have it mixed and mastered in the gained experience, got three tracks together and sent them off for mixing with Bob Stark. One of Bob's first suggestions was to add guitarist David Torn to the Left Alone track. That collaboration led to our Duology+ project. What started out for us as a small, personal project, turned into something much more significant and extremely gratifying on many levels. In May of 2021, the music was released on CD in Japan, and digitally distributed worldwide on Bandcamp.

Jazz is an ever-evolving art form. We started Duology to pursue new, original means of musical expression within the vocal/bass duo format. We hope that many find our music inspiring and look forward to creating more in the near future.




制作過程で、ミキシングエンジニアBob Stark氏 (有名アーティストの作品を多数手懸ける)の提案により、ジャズギタリスト&音楽プロデューサーとして世界的に活躍するDavid Torn氏の参加が決まり、収録曲(全3曲)の内1曲を、二人のサウンドに新たなエッセンスが加わった意"duology+"とし、2021年5月に、日本でCD発売、Bandcampにて配信中。


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